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When Stars Go Bad

The True Nature of the Night Sky Revealed, drawing by author







When Stars Go Bad: The Bill Cosby Dilemma

If Bill Cosby has any kind of consolation, while contemplating his current demise and his possible jail time somewhere in the future, it is this. He is not alone! Even the president of the United States is not immune to difficulties associated with members of the opposite sex.  And then, today came the “Big Kahuna”. Harvey Weinstein traveled to NYC, where he was booked with a variety of charges that included rape and sex abuse. The movie mogul will not serve any pre-trial time in jail like O.J. did, but instead, he will be confined to the states of NY and Conn. after posting a one million dollar bail.

Weinstein’s Heavy Footprint in Hollywood

Defenders for Harvey Weinstein have been few with perhaps Woody Allen having the most insightful comments. In no way did Allen condone what Weinstein did, but he did sound an alarm about possible witch hunts arising out of the Weinstein debacle. These comments were made back in 2017 in a BBC interview and Woody has remained rather quiet since then, especially with the public outcry that sprang up immediately following his comments.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Sounds Off On Cosby

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar found himself in a similar place, concerning the allegations and accusations that were leveled against his good friend and mentor, Bill Cosby. In recent comments to the Hollywood reporter, Kareem took the situation a bit further, when he opened up about how the downfall of Cosby has been a difficult event to handle for the former NBA star. Not only was Cosby a role model for Abdul-Jabbar, but also for many other people of color throughout the US and elsewhere. In the Hollywood Reporter article, Kareem refers to the Cosby revelations as a punch in the gut and a fall from innocence.

Where Do We Go From Here

So how we do we deal with highly-creative artists, who happen to also have a scary dark side. For me personally, I did not have a lot emotion wrapped up in Bill’s TV appearances, especially the Cosby show. However, his breakout LP albums, as an upstart standout comedian, are in a completely different world. The language from those recordings were well received, hit a nerve and quickly found a way into our everyday chatter. Such lines as “How long can you tread water?” and “What’s a cubit?” would pop up time and time again in all kinds of situations. In fact, even today, many of the lines from “Why Is There Air?” and other such recordings can still be found floating around my gray matter and may be recalled at any time with only the slightest stimulation. Cosby really was that good and that influential.

In the 60s Bill Cosby converted his time as a P.E. student at Temple University into high comedy














Looking Back

In looking back at the turbulent sixties, when Bill Cosby was a funny voice that crossed many cultural lines in a hilarious way, what appears to be happening is that there are things I would like to forget about Cosby (and Weinstein), but my mind won’t let me because at the time I thought their artistic expressions and sentiments were so great. Even with all the sordid details that are emerging from the courtroom, I still retain an active memory of what went down.

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