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All Time Favorites for Last Posting of the Daily Post Photo Challenge

So sad to be seeing the Daily Post, fade away into that yesterworld of the internet. Every week I have looked forward to Wednesday mornings to see what the current topic will be. And then I have very enjoyed the responses that come my way. To be honest this has been a large part of my internet traffic and will miss seeing all the responses and comments that have originated with this popular site.

On the other hand I can see why the Daily Post is being discontinued. Things have definitely been trending downward,especially over the last year. Nonetheless, I would like to thank very much those of you that have taken the time to respond to my pictures, even if it was just through hitting the “like” button. In the future I still plan to post a few of my fotos from time to to time and perhaps I will become more active with the drawings that I do in co-ordination with Illustration Friday.

Following is a sample of what I have been working on lately. This is my own photographic work set against a NASA image of the Pleiades star cluster. (Thank you Hubble) If you like this kind of thing stay tuned for I will be exploring this realm further.

All Time Favorite

A photographic sandwich (No, you can’t eat it) that juxtaposes a picture of the Rancos Mission in New Mexico with a NASA picture of the Pleiades star cluster

















All-Time Favorites

And Now For A Something Little Extra

The butterfly nebula combined with a neon sign
























Lost in Space??













From the Jupiter Cave

3 Responses to “All Time Favorites for Last Posting of the Daily Post Photo Challenge”

  1. Well done. I like the effect.

  2. Thanks so very much. It’s been fun doing the photo challenge. Thanks again for your participation.

  3. Excellent photos.

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