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Becoming Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming, is selling quite well.

The Memoir

Michelle’s Obama’s memoir begins with her childhood, growing up on the gritty, south side of Chicago and as we all know, ends with her eight year residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the District of Columbia. The theme of the book is how her unexpected rise in position came about and also how her Cinderella-like story can inspire others to improve their own lot.

Tracking Sales

No matter how you look at it, sales figures for Michelle Obama are going through the roof. After just 15 days on the market, Becoming, the memoir of former First Lady, Michelle Obama, has sold over two million books in Canada and the U.S., thus making it the most successful non-fiction title of 2018. And just think, sales figures for this narrative have nowhere to go but up, for Christmas is just around the corner and it is safe to assume that many copies of this story will somehow find their way under the Christmas tree.

Michelle and Barack Obama meet Queen Elizabeth, wikipedia photo by Pete Souza. Reportedly, the Queen advised the American First Lady that royal protocol is all rubbish.











The Better Half of the Equation

When Barrack Obama became an ex-president, one of his first orders of business was to nail down a book contract. However, much to the delight of readers, all around the globe, President Obama had a co-conspirator in this post-presidential ritual. And that would be none other than his wife and former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

As negotiations between the publishers and the Obamas continued, it became clear that the major publishing companies (also known as the Big Five) were just as interested in Michelle’s story, as they were in the president’s. In fact, some sources suggest that the First Lady was the big ticket and not the President. Early book sales suggest that the publishers knew their business very well, even with a 65 million dollar price tag, attached to the two literary releases.

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