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Winter in America

Despite the cheery seasonal facade at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. all is not well in the White House


Breakdown On the Potomac

To many citizens of this fair land, the current breakdown of a functional government in Washington may seem like a disaster unfolding. Unfortunately, this viewpoint may not be far off from what is going down in our nation’s capital. Things are not good right now and could possibly even get worse before they get better. Nonetheless, observers of the political scene should keep in mind that our nation and most specifically our government has been there before.

Winter in America

Back during the Watergate era, when the Vietnam War was still going strong, Gil Scott-Heron wrote this biting and inciting song about what was going down at the time (1974). The winter analogy worked well here because eventually, the war ended, Nixon did resign and things in Washington eventually returned to something resembling normal. Current observers of the political scene might do well to invoke the seasonal reference with a realization that a political Spring will arrive (sooner or later) and warmer weather will prevail (at least for a while).

Slipping Into Darkness

In many ways, our current resident of the White House seems to be slipping into darkness, much like his 1974 predecessor. However, there seems to be some things that much more disconcerting about our present situation than with happened back in 1974. Keep in mind these comments come from someone who was 22 years old when Nixon resigned, so I not completely reliant on news accounts for my perspective.

In essence what bothers me the most about our present predicament is the president’s callous disregard for any dissenting voice or argument.


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