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Hemingway and Havana

Ernest Hemingway with marlin. Havana Harbor, Cuba. Photograph in the Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston.












Hemingway and Cuba

Ernest Hemingway was still married to Pauline Pfeifer, when he discovered the exquisite charm of pre-revolutionary Cuba in 1930. After achieving remarkable success as a writer, Ernest Hemingway, along with his third wife, Martha Gelhorn purchased a chic little hideaway outside of Havana in a small town called San Francisco de Paula.. Here at Finca Vigia (Lookout Farm), Ernest could retreat from the world, but it was also a place where he could sit back and write. During the fifties, Papa Doc as he was often called did just that, when he penned one of this most memorable novels, Old Man and the Sea. All total, Hemingway resided on the island nation for nearly 30 years, writing Islands in the Stream, portions of For Whom the Bells Toll and the Moveable Feast (a Paris memoir), besides the above mentioned Old Man and the Sea.

Hemingway in Music

The colorful life of Ernest Hemingway has inspired many writers and at least a few talented musicians. Beginning with the Hemingway inspired musicians, my recent article on Spinditty takes a brief look at ten musicians who have been inspired the culturally rich Caribbean isle. This brief musical sojourn ends with several musicians, who have always lived in Cuba.

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