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Sci-Fi Songs and Ballads

Art from a Russian postage stamp depicts a couple and child traveling in space.

The Golden Age of Space Stories

Outer space has always inspired storytellers. One of the great side effects of the Space Race between the U.S.A and the Soviet Union was a great, creative output from science fiction writers. This literary bonanza even spilled over to television and cinema, when epic adventures like Star Trek and Star Wars captured the imaginations of many Americans.

A Novelty Song Becomes a Big Hit

Along with the movies and TV programs of the 60s (and later years) came the music that was related to outer space and space exploration. At first the songs acted as spoofs or satires. This is most evident in the song, entitled The One-horned, One-Eyed, Flying Purple People Eater, which was released and then performed by Sheb Wooley on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1958. Surprisingly, the off-the-wall song hit the top of the Billboard charts for many weeks. Besides its unparalleled popularity, it may also the been the protege for many like-minded tunes to come in the years that followed. Here is the original version.

A Collection Of Sci-Fi Stories

If you want to check out some other musical Sci-Fi stories from the following decades, check out this article on Spinditty.


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