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Summer In Antarctica

This penguin is enjoying the Antarctic summertime very much.

Antarctica In the News

Recently, (yesterday to be exact), the mainstream media was having a field day saying that temperatures in the frozen Midwest were so cold, that even the southernmost continent was warmer than places like Fargo, ND and International Falls, MN. This little known fact is actually no big deal, especially if you take into account that the Antarctic is know experiencing summer. And true to its extreme southern location, summer only lasts for two months, (January and February), and daytime temperatures on the coast (that’s where all the scientists and penguins live) do break the freezing mark (32 degrees Fahrenheit) on a regular basis.

On the other hand, the interior Antarctic is a very cold place, where even in the bright, summer sunshine, temperatures may not rise above 50 below (Fahrenheit). By the way, January and February are the months of the year, when those gigantic icebergs are known to break free and begin their journey north. These hunks of ice are so big that it may take several years for one to completely melt, though so far the biggest threat is a rise in sea levels that can be measured in millimeters.

Are You a Flat Earther?

If you think that when it is winter in Duluth, MN it is also winter in Antarctica, then you may be a Flat Earther. For indeed, if the earth was a flat disk flying around the sun, all parts of the planet would experience the same seasonal changes at the same. But because the earth is a globe and a sphere, citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa celebrate Christmas just as the summer season is beginning. If you don’t believe me, go to Argentina at the end of December and check out the weather for yourself.

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