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“Tryin’ To Reason With Hurricane Season”

Storm Bahamas, Hurrianes in the Caribbean are nothing new as Homer Winslow so aptly demonstrates in this 19th century watercolor






“Yes, it’s quite insane, I think it hurts from brain, but then it cleans me out, then I can go on.”

Another Storm in the Bahamas

As I write this, the Bahamas is about to get hammered with yet another high intensity hurricane. The hurricane is named Dorian; and yes thoughts of Dorian Grey come to mind suggesting that this current tempest could be a bad one. So far, most forecasters have predicted that Dorian will head towards Florida, possibly running headlong right through Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Largo prized golf estate. The internet has been abuzz with such a timely outcome, but alas, at present, this does not seem to be the likely outcome, as Dorian is now predicted to venture further north, probably towards the coast of South Carolina. Stay tuned to your weather forecaster on this one, for things could get very interesting.

“I must confess, I could use some rest.”

You Can’t Copyright a Title

Tryin To Reason with Hurricane Season is a fantastic title for a super-fantastic song. Fortunately, the law says you can’t copyright a title, so I’m not in any legal jeopardy, by using those clever words as a title for my blog post. Unfortunately the same is not true for the few choral lines that are also included in this look at our current hurricane season, which could turn out to be another doozy. To be honest I stuck the extra words in just for shits and giggles, not to mention their poetic brilliance. Hope nobody complains.



Buffett’s Explanation

This little video of Buffett and Kenny Chesney performing Hurricane Season together is well worth checking out. The best part is Buffett’s impromptu explanation that there is not much you can do about these natural weather events, except to get out of the way, take shelter and perhaps to stop and take a minute or two to admire Mother Nature’s awesome power.


The Original Hurricane Song




The song called The Mighty StormĀ relates to the Great Galveston Flood (actually a Cat 5 hurricane) which back in 1900 wiped out the Texas coastal city of Galveston, killing some 10,000 people in the process. No doubt this tragic event has inspired countless stories, but none stands out better than the timeless folk song. Featured in the video, is the Canadian group, The Duhks, which are just one of many contemporary bands that have performed this popular tune.

So happens that this song has a definitive history behind it. Turns out that in the years following the destructive hurricane, the song began as a spiritual in the black churches of the Gulf Coast region. Then in 1934, the song was recorded by a colorful black preacher, who went by the name of Sin Killer Griffen. Even so, the song remained in the gospel churches until the 60s, when it was again recorded by Eric Von Schmidt. Since then “Wasn’t That a Mighty Storm” (the official title) has been covered by many mainstream musicians.

The 1900 Galveston hurricane left much destruction in its wake















More About Hurricanes and the Songs and Stories That They Inspire

Just in case you might be interested in more stories and songs about Hurricanes you might check out this article, I wrote for the Spinditty website. It is a more in depth look at the musical appreciation of tropical storms and the fact there is not much you can do about these awesome, natural weather events, except take shelter and perhaps stop and take a minute or two to admire their mighty power.

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