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Christmas Spiders

In Central Europe, spiders are often revered and thought to bring good luck.



The Much-maligned Spider

Hollywood has not been kind to the spider, for the eight-legged arachnid (spiders are not insects) has often been portrayed as a diabolical creature with a deadly bite. In reality, spiders are just the opposite, for they consume large quantities of insects and unlike their six-legged cousins, they do not carry any infectious diseases.

Yes, some spider bites can be fatal, especially if left untreated, but these events are quite rare. Overall, spiders do a lot more good to harmful.

Spiders in Europe

In many Central Europe nations, the spider web is seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. With this in mind, it is no big surprise that ornamental spider webs and even spiders can often be found hanging from evergreen boughs. Across Germany, tinsel is also often found on the “Tannenbaum”. Even more interesting is the origin of this shiny decoration, which is attributed to honoring a family of spiders, who long ago, came out at night and decided to decorate a lonely fir tree with their amazing webs. In the morning, the family awoke to find that once barren tree glistening in the morning sun. Since that beautiful morning, tinsel has been used as a Christmas tree decoration to salute the industrious spiders.








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