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The Spanish Influenza: The Epidemic That Shook the World

Sign of the Times – this posted notice reminds WWI soldiers that there is an epidemic going that just might be more deadly than warfare.



The Facts Are Staggering

At the time the world had seen nothing like it. One third of the world’s population was infected with a death rate of between 2% and 5%. Today, researchers believe that the actual death toll could have been somewhere between 50 and 100 million.

Today’s Outbreaks Are So Much Smaller

Currently (2020), the world is all abuzz about the newest coronavirus, also called COVID-19. This disease, which now borders on becoming a world pandemic, is currently in 70 countries and has killed over 3,000….and it’s still growing as the respiratory ailment is about to hit the USA. Even the Swine Flu of 2009, only managed to run up a total infected in the 20% range (about 1 billion) with a resulting death toll of approximately 500,000. Still, this current outbreak is kind of scary in that so many nations (including the good ole USA) seem so unprepared to handle the outbreak.

This Epidemic Is So Small It Seems Almost Personal

As the news stories in the U.S. unfold, the individuals almost seem personal. Actual names aren’t used, but still we get personal information as to age, health condition, where the person lives, how many children they have and so. Sure sign that this is still in the beginning and unfortunately will get much bigger.

Want to Learn more about the gre.at Spanish Flu influenza?

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