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President Trump and Coronavirus

The White House is a busy place with lots of hand-shaking and social interactions



The Story

Finally, on Friday the 13th, Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, relented and took a coronavirus test. Even though the results are supposed to be available in two hours, they were not announced till the next day, Saturday, and were declared negative. That is to say that Donald Trump does not have the COVID-19, the official name for the coronavirus disease.

Can We Believe the Results?

This administration and especially this president have been so full of half-truths, misdirected statements and absolute lies that sometimes it is hard to believe anything they say. Furthermore, if the president was to actually be sick, the White House staff might work hard to shield the public from the actual truth. Keeping all of this in mind, I still tend to believe that the president does not have coronavirus. Even after considering that the president is overweight almost to a point of obesity and his advanced age of 73 years, it might still might be that he has avoided the contagious disease that has struck other public figures. At least so far.

Donald Trump enjoys the game of golf, almost to a point of obsession




The Answer Lies on the Golf Course

This president spends an inordinate amount of time on his own golf course, usually at public expense. Though this may not be good for the well-being of the nation, it may be enough to keep Donald Trump reasonably healthy. Besides the physical assertion, the sunshine exposure Trump receives may be critical in keeping the president’s immune system functioning. I know this may sound strange, but exposure of skin to sunlight (especially in light-skinned people) plays an important role in strengthening one’s immune system.

The Science

The science behind this is both simple and profound at the same time. Succinctly stated, sunshine on the epidermis stimulates the production of vitamin D, which in turn is important in strengthening the body’s immune system. This will not make you resistant to epidemics like the coronavirus. It just improves your chances of fighting off minor infections.

Dr. John Campbell, an English medical instructor, explains the situation quite well in the following video.



If you are self-quarantined at home, you might want to consider spending as much time in the sunlight as possible. This would include going outside and getting some real exercise. Just avoid associating with other people. This is especially true if you are in self-isolation as a preventive measure.

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