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Wise As An Owl

The owl is often thought to be the symbol of wisdom



Projecting Human Characteristics onto Animals

For ages, owls have often been seen as creatures of wisdom, This trend, most.likely extends back to the ancient Greeks, when Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, was often pictured with an owl. Today, many modern people still see the owl as being super-intelligent, though among the animal kingdom, there are many smarter birds, such as crows and parrots.

A Lightweight Bird with Superb Night Vision

An owl may not be able to mimic human speech, but its ability to see in the night is an extraordinary tool, allowing the creature to make out faraway objects extremely well despite the absence of almost any light. This would not be possible without a highly wired and oversized brain along with eyes that are huge in relation to the predators actual size and weight. You see, owls are mostly feathers, many having a body mass of only a few pounds.

Not All Cultures See Owls As Wise

In India, the owl often represents foolishness or ill-gained wealth. At times, the mysterious avian creature may be pictured with the goddess, Lakshmi. Lakshmi, by herself, usually, indicates wealth, but when accompanied by an owl, she becomes the symbol of corruption.

Then there are the American Indians, who on occasion may see the owl as a symbol of death, not necessary for the person, who encounters the night creature, but often for a loved one or close relative of the night viewer.

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