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The Day After Earth Day

Pink House on Mars – It is highly unlikely that the colonization of Mars would look anything like this.




Earth First

We live on the planet Earth. To put it mildly any attempt, successful or unsuccessful to colonize and inhabit the planet Mars, would be a high tech adventure to say the least. With our present technology, just putting a handful of humans on the red planet would be energy intensive. I can’t even manage what sustaining life there would entail.

Living in the Present

Right now, we, who live on planet Earth, have our hands full. Unbelievably, our biggest foe right now is a spherical microscopic object, called the Corona Virus. The little booger is everywhere, filling up our morgues and hospital and completely disrupting our way of life on a global scale. Once we get past this disease outbreak, just the challenge of cleaning up the planet, so that it is a better place to live is daunting.

A Profound Side Effect

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has killed oodles of people, crashed our stock market, put millions out of work and sent the price of oil into a nosedive, there has been one beneficial side effect. Our air quality has significantly improved. The changes in visibility among our largest cities, such as Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles has been dramatic. Our air is clean again. I guess this proves to say that you don’t realize how bad things are until something dramatic happens. How long this current situation will last is hard to tell, for in all probability that once the virus subsides and the world goes back to work, the smog will return.

See you soon, I hope.


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