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Las Vegas – Ghost Town

Recently, I visited Las Vegas and found that bikers had taken over the empty streets, as if living in some kind of weird sci-fi tale.


Defying All Stay-at -Home Orders

Currently, Utah is subject to a non-mandatory stay-at-home order from the governor. Since the state’s COVID-19 stats were so good (41 fatalities out of just over 4,000 infected), I decided to venture out and see how other nearby places were faring. Soon, I found myself in Las Vegas, which has been transformed to a virtual ghost town, especially along “The Strip”, where many of the big casinos are located.

The casinos of Las Vegas are all closed and locked up.


Lookin’ In Thru Locked Doors

If you walk along the strip, you will findĀ  that all the casinos are closed. In fact, not much of anything is open along the famed miracle mile. And if by chance you are looking for a slot machine to play, there is nothing. Even those small rows of slots in convenience stores are out of service. In other words things are locked up tighter than a drum.


Here’s looking at an empty lagoon in front of the Venetia Casino.





Placid Waters

On the little bridge in front of the Venetia Casino and Hotel, there is a little station, where several security guards hang out. They haven’t got much to do. Just keep the occasional tourist from wandering too close to the closed-up business.


Fremont Street and downtown Vegas are closed up as well.









Politicos at Odds

Right now the mayor of Las Vegas is pushing the begin opening the city, while the governor of the state has taken an opposing tack. As the governor holds the higher card, it is likely that those wishing to visit Sin City will have to wait a bit longer for any approaching a normal Vegas visit.




Three angels at Caesar’s Palace signal the encroaching doom.




Is Las Vegas Dead?

Any pronouncement that Las Vegas is dead is most likely premature and inaccurate. The place is just dormant due to concerns over the spread of the Corona Virus. Though the popular place may be closed longer than originally thought, chances are very good that when it open, this vivant city will bounce back like nobody’s business.


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