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Extraterrestrial Messaging

Evening Shadows suggest a futuristic cryptic language in use


Binary Languages

Physicists, astronomers, rocket scientists and computers geeks often claim that binary codes are the universal language…and that all cultures within the vast universe can understand a binary language. This may be why, when NASA sent a probe outside our own solar system, all communication was in a binary system. That is to say all letters and words are created from using two symbols.

A Morse code receiver from the late 1800s




The First Binary Language

Most likely, the first language was Morse Code. This system of dots and dashes (often called dits and dahs) was created back in the 1840s. In essence each letter of the Roman alphabet had a specific code. Messages were sent from a simple telegraph machine by wire to a receiver, where another machine transposed the info onto paper strips.

This method lasted up until the 1890s, when radio signals became the transmission method for the dits and dahs. This pathway greatly enhanced the efficiency of the two symbol language and soon the code was being used around the planet by military, aviation and maritime units. Morse Code remained important through WWII, but since then it has faded away to almost nothing.

Over the years crop circles have become more and more sophisticated

Crop Circles et al

If Samuel Morse were alive today he might be quite surprised, even shocked to see how his archaic, binary language has morphed into an amazing world of high tech wizardly. This includes a belief that many that the simple dihs and dahs are the keys to understanding other life forms on other planets.

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